Windows Movie Maker 2020 Free Download For Windows


A great number of those who use it preserve a collection of images through the computer system, and they wish to produce some video clips with this images in a captivative and distinctive form, but they encounter problems due to the weakness of relating with the software that create video clips which required a specific skill or knowing the perfect way of relating with the software, for that reason they always search for light software which will help them to create a video clip specific to them without needs of entering the complicated side of the software like that of After Affects Software.

Good, Window movie maker is one of the lighter and simple software which can create video clips and especially in a simple way that suit you. The was introduced from the Microsoft company, the standard for high level software.

About Window Movie Maker software.

The privilege of the software:

Now, let us know about the most important privilege of Movie Maker software.

Importation of the images and videos

Movie maker software make available selection of different imported images and video clips through your computer or through camera or phone memory or the memory card and through the DVD.

The release of video:

The software make possible the cutting of a part from an imported video and that is to merge the film you want to create by adding the availability of fast video, or taking a picture from the video.

Merging of the image and sound:

Window movie maker make available the merge of the image and sound file for your specific clip pending on the period of presentation of every image by addition of specific period for a sound files which was successfully merged inside the video.

The sharing of video

Window movie maker make available of direct sharing of a video to different groups through internet without opening the web pages {Google Chrome, Firefox} and for example you can share a video through youtube, facebook, vimeo, and flickr or raising it through oneDrive service under Microsoft.

Writing on video:

Window movie maker make easy to writing on video clips in different form just as it makes it beautiful effective on presenting writing in a captive form inside the video through the addition of the text by a kind of writing, colors and size.

The effective montage:

The video movie maker make available the effectiveness of wide collections specific to the moving of images which give your video a wonderful touch by adding different effectiveness of video specific to the image it self, just as you could prepare the image you want to work upon in movie maker software by using any of the software that set image like photoshop, photoscape…….

Viewing of video:

The software make possible in viewing your video which can go directly through the video as you are working on it without continuing saving.

The platform for operating:
movie maker is only available for different windows product {windows 7, vista, xp, and windows 8}

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