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Us browser is considered to be propagated by smart phones, among what lead to its spreading is it wonderful characteristics in the mix of other browsing software, in the first cases it used to be the best internet browsing software used by phones, and the uc browser does not just stop there rather it continues to develop with the addition of several copies of software which operate in different operating system specific to phones, currently there is a copy of uc browser specific to computer, due to all of these widely services the uc browser software was considered the number four worldwide in the midst of many used internet browsing software which are firmly established in this field like the internet explorer and opera.

There is no doubt that the widely spread of uc browser is as the result of their successful and hard working from the developers by enveloping it with a lots of advantages which made it to be in that position above the browsers that are established before it. For that reason we are going to present all of the advantages that is contained in the uc browser software, likewise we shall also touch the negative aspect that could occur to you during your usage of the software, so as to look like we have touch all it aspect in the sense that you will have the picture of everything before downloading or using it.

The positive aspect

These are some of the positive aspect of the uc browser

Different operating system

The us browser has a lots of copies of software whereby you can select the copy that suits your system, on the platform of phones; its only operating android, ios, window phone, and blackberry phones, including the old java system, but on the platform of computers; they have produce a software that operate on windows.

Downloading of files

Uc browser can be used in downloading files from the internet in similar to the software which does that, whereby as you make download of files it continues even as you are out of the software and started to use another software, it will continue to download at the background, in the situation the internet get interrupted the uc browser will continues automatically as it returns and all of that do not need any entries from you.

Fast browsing

This is the major reason many people used it as their internet browser, based on it fast nature you can visit many sites in a fast form whereby it will carry on the clicking of internet browsers so as to reduce the delicate involves in that browsers which will make you to browse fastly,also you can get connected to the internet through your extravagant phone data which is requested in some country, whereby you can reduce the exhaustion of internet through this advantage so as the browsers you want to visit should be of small size.

Putting nocturnal

You can use the nocturnal in the uc browser software on your phone in the places with low brightness, whereby will set the software color and the browser background for easy reading.

The negative aspect

These are some of its negative aspect

Support of Arabic language

We found out that the small size of UC browser on android phones does not contain a suitable Arabic language, we have displacement in the margin of the browsers, and it is easy to get it in other software.
Safety and protection

The document that was reproved by Edward snodan is that many of the intelligent system in some countries exploit the weak point of uc browser software by spying the users in countries like china and India including some western countries.

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