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Torch Browser is one of the web browsers developed using the basic structure of the Google Chrome browser. The developers of the program have introduced new and unique features that are different from Torch Browser. The Torch Browser is distinguished from the rest of the other programs by providing features that aspire to the availability of Internet surfers Are available in popular browsers, forcing them to install different extensions to verify them are looking for it, hence Torch Browser provided most of the additional features basically without having to install those additions, some of which may be unreliable.


As mentioned above, most of the features of the Torch Browser program are mainly to provide tools that do not exist primarily in other browsers without having to install add-ons for the program, where you will find them all exist mainly with Torch Browser, and we will also address the disadvantages in Torch Browser To get an overview of this great program.

Among the features of this browser, for example:

Download Multimedia

Once you have Torch Browser you will no longer need to install browser add-ons or use additional software to upload videos or audio tracks you want to copy onto your PC that you may find on various websites such as YouTube videos or SoundCloud clips Where Torch Browser provides an existing tool that allows the browser to detect any type of multimedia listed in any site and allows you to download it easily.


Download torrent files
It is known that there are a lot of files that are shared online in accordance with the P2P protocol, where users of the Internet and through torrent files to do the exchange of files among themselves directly without returning to sites or servers that do the task, and spread a lot of programs that allow you to download Torrent files, but Torch Browser is the first Internet browser that allows you to download those files directly while browsing without having to install a program to download torrent files.


Play videos
It is known that many browsers, such as the Mozilla Firefox browser, for example, needs a Flash Player or a Safari browser that needs a QuickTime player, while Torch Browser allows you to watch videos directly without any additional software. Or even support software, once you have Torch Browser you will be able to watch videos from any site without any problems.


Customization and override restrictions
With Torch Browser, you can customize your Facebook site when you access it. You can modify the colors of the caliph and the type of line to suit your interests and make it comfortable for you to deal with in terms of appearance. Torch Browser also offers an important feature that allows you to bypass geographical restrictions at The desire to watch YouTube videos is not available in your country, Torch Browser helps you overcome these obstacles.


Among the disadvantages of the browser, for example, we note:

Protection and security

Extensions uploaded to any Internet browser are a vulnerability that can be used in hacking operations as well as with the Torch Browser software, which has many of the plugins that are included inside it, so you should be somewhat careful while using the Torch Browser and working on getting the latest version of Software permanently allowing the user to protect more.