The new 2020 slimjet browser, where we often face problems while surfing the internet for some annoying ads, or sometimes we want to download some of the clips we browse but the problem is that we need to download some plugins or programs for this, which sometimes does not work .

Today we will provide a browser is one of the best browsers, where all these features are available within the browser itself and do not need to download other programs or add-ons, and is characterized by ease and smooth navigation.

Features of the 2020 slimjet browser

Save pages
This option does not appear to be new. All browsers have this option, but the new one here is that you can save your pages in PDF format where you will find this option available in the Settings menu directly.

Screen capture
Also an additional option that is not available in other browsers, helps you to more easily browse and work. The browser itself also has the option to do a screen shot or screen shot from the settings menu, which makes it much easier if you are looking for such an option .

Download files
Also in this browser do not need to download or download any software from the download, where the browser itself contains a download program. The program loads the video by showing more than one quality and size of the video so you can choose from it. It also has a great option to help you speed up the download where you can choose the number of divisions of the video during the download, which option helps you to increase the download speed.

Block ads
The feature of this ad is that you can block not only pop-up advertisements and annoying ads but also prevent adsense advertisements that are placed in the sites normally by going to the settings menu and choosing ad blocker and then choose Activate. You can also allow some sites to show ads on them if you like and block others.

Chrome Additions
Not only that, but you can download the downloads you download on Google Chrome, where you can go to the Chrome Store for plugins and download extensions that work on the Chrome browser, a great option available on the program. In this case you can consider your browser as a Chrome browser in addition to many other features not available Chrome browser, good browser and fast browsers where you can download it by going directly to its site.

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