Skype 2019 Free Download For Windows


Skype is a chatting platform that allow you stay connected while doing other day-to-day life activities such as reading, working, surfing or buying on the go! If you are a regular Skype user, you will definitely have a lot to say about!

With Skype you can keep on touch however and whenever you would like. either through instant messages or voice calls, or even meeting up face to face via webcam attached to your machine, or mobile phone.

Skype allow you to work and play or do any thing you want while you are communicating, or using it.

This popular program provide an excellent opportunity to share daily and special events, as well as files, photos, and videos.

Skype supports so wide range of operations systems and devices, and works with high quality on a large number of  computers and smart phone. So you can make a voice call to any other person, via PC, MAC, or Android, IPad or any windows smart phone, IPhone, and even XBox or the like.


Download Line : Free Call & Messages last version 2016 PC & android


Conducting group voice calls and conferences for free, as Skype considered on of the cheapest communication programs available, further more the paid packages offered to subscribers include unlimited minutes.

Sending a video message to share a quick concept or a happy moment.

You can continue your conversation by using instant text messages, after you end up the voice call.

Skype can be snapped to one of the desktop corners and free the rest of the interface to any other project you are working on.

Receive calls on a start screen or lock screen.

Skype’s paid packages offers extra options such as keeping your phone number, or choosing from a number of virtual phone numbers with the same key areas, and buying more reduced minutes.

Skype comes in an easy user interface, and supports more than 104 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, beside English and other western languages.


Despite all these wonderful features and adorable themes presented by Skype, there are number of issues challenging each user. So should the program sustain its current popularity and achieves the goals meant behind its creation, the producing company should pay special consideration to these shortcomings which including following issues- among other things:

– Blocking calls is still unavailable.

– Emergency call numbers are not included, such feature would of course save many souls if it was available for users beside all the splendid other features they are enjoying by using Skype.

– The program works on the internet only, and through desktops or laptops, or smart phones.

– Comparing Skype with other competing programs that offers free communications through the internet, this programs considered so elementary and lacks a lot of features that could make use of the technical specifications of PCs and smart phones. Thinking of VOIP for example which is a program presented by the same software developer that produced Skype deems much better, as well as Whatsapp.

Skype’s popularity still shining despite all these blemishes, and loyalty of its daily users seems as eternal. While it channels every day thousands – probably millions of stories, photos, and voices from and to all over the globe. The simple requirements contributes in bringing the program to the top used ones by all age groups and for personal, interpersonal, social and even professional purposes.

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