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Safari browser 2019 is one of the most important web browsers ever developed by the famous Apple, which gained wide popularity by users of different Apple devices, was launched the first version of the browser in 2003, which was working on OS X of the same company , And then became the default browser starting from OS X v10.3 and later became the default browser on the iOS system for smart devices and tablets manufactured by Apple also.

The Safari program has many advantages that make it one of the most important and best Internet browsers and you dear reader those features:

Battery life and performance

Safari comes with a high-speed JavaScript engine that gives users the pleasure of browsing fast web pages as compared to other browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome, and also enjoys high technology to conserve energy.

This comes from Apple’s experience in software and hardware development at the same time through its various products, including laptops, smartphones and tablets, which require the development of software that maintains battery life and provides power to highlight these products in the best form so Safari was One of the best web browsers in terms of energy conservation.

Protection and privacy

The privacy and security of a Safari user is a priority, especially with, which is the only search engine that does not track user visits as one of the options through which it can be activated.

As for safari, you can activate the private browsing option which stops all operations that may enable any site to obtain information about you. It also stops saving any visits to the sites you browse. It also stops third party software such as cookies. Fully blocked, and is the first browser in the world to allow those features of safe browsing.

As for protection, Safari helps protect you from fraudulent sites or malicious software sites before directing you to the target site by warning you that you are trying to access a link to a suspicious and unsafe site. Sites Implement malicious code that may cause malicious acts on your device or violate your personal information.

Ease of navigation

Safari comes not only with Macs for laptops but also with mobile phones for iPhones and iPads. With Apple’s cloud storage service called iCloud, you can use Safari on all of your Apple devices and sync Passwords, and other information among all your devices. All of these syncs are secured securely by the high encryption they perform during the exchange of information between those devices.

Smart suggestions

When you search for something, safari will give you smart suggestions from global sites such as Wikipedia, global news sites, iTunes, and others.

Share with others

When you read a story or information that may be of interest to someone you know, you can share that information with your friends without having to leave Safari. All you have to do is press the “Share” button in the program menu and choose the way you want to use it. Share via Facebook, Twitter or any other medium.

Read the feeds

Where you can read site feeds in a text and fast free of images and ads without the need to use another program to do the task, but all you need is to open the window of the news reader to enjoy reading the site feeds.

64 bit system

The safari browser is available on a 64-bit operating system, which is critical to making the browser more powerful by exploiting all the core resources of the computer processor, noting that other browsers such as Firefox do not have 64-bit versions available.


Like most current Internet browsers, there are some additions to your favorite browser to be suitable for the tasks you perform frequently. Through safari you can install a very large set of these extensions, which include different classifications for developers and ordinary users.

It is noteworthy that the Safari program and although it is developed by Apple to be the default browser on its devices such as Mac and iPhone and iPad, but there is a special version running on the Windows operating system, so you will not have to be an Apple device to enjoy all those Features that we mentioned in this article.