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تحميل برنامج QQPlayer رابط مباشر
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QQ Player 2020 Free Download


QQ player software is considered one of the free and distinct software which operates video and audio files in a good and attractive manner, just as it contains a lots of advantages  like operating of 3D and conversion of ordinary 2D to 3D clip, just as its possible for you to shoot a high and delicate picture of a scene by a clicking of button.

The advantages

Now, we are going to show you the explanation regarding the wonderful advantages of this software:

Shooting of a picture

shooting of a picture from a video , The qqplayer software can be easily used in shooting a picture from a video which is operate in different ways and saving of the picture which is successfully shoot into your own account through any of the following recognized shelf like (BMP, PNG, JPG). You can either take a picture of the ongoing movie on your screen in an highly and accurate form OR to request from the software to carry out the collections of the minimized pictures and to mark them so as to gather them all in one picture automatically in a square form which could be used as advertisement and announcement for a clip and it could be used for marketing, and the available shelf for this type of pictures is (JPG, BMP), but as for the third type of pictures which can be shoot are the moving pictures (GIF) in which you can mark the range of time it alternate between 1 to 10 seconds for the software to carry out a moving picture from a particular clip with the possibility of limiting the size of the picture you want to established.

Division of video and audio

The division of video and audio , The qqplayer made it possible for you to divide and cut a video through the chosen time of when it started cutting and when it ends it so as to save the particular clip with the same type of the original file or you can choose to mark another type from a new clip i.e. from the following types (MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, WMA) in addition to that, you can extract the voice from the video and save it in any of the shelf (WMV, MP3) and it will provide three gauge for the fine quality of the new video (the high quality, the medium, and the low), just as its possible to control a distance clip of the new video.

The conversion of audio and video

If you are among those who are interested in operating files on video and audio with smart phones, iphon, ipad and others, for verily, this qqplayer will solve the problem of conversion between different shelf, in which the conversation between the following is obtainable; (3GP, AVI, MPG,WMV,FLV, MP4) which makes qqplayer different from others due to it fast conversion process compare to other software, it does not need long period of time to actualize the process.

Compressed video

In most cases, we don’t delete the clip especially those with lengthy size after we have finish watching it, and that will minimize the size of the hard disc, qqplayer is here to overcome this problem by compressing of video so that it size will be reduce in which you can be able to save it in your system without taking much of the space in the hard disc, just as it possible for you after been compressed to move or copy it to your phone so as to watch it, even though most of the smart phones and the desktop contain small space which is not possible on you to store any file with large size, for that reason this specialty will present before you the solution to that problem.

Inserting of video clip

In most cases, the software that composed video is complicated to some extend for the beginners in this field or it will require long time for you to insert some small video you recorded, qqplayer is here to make the process easy by carrying out simple and fast method to insert the video.

Moving of video files

If you are among those who are interested in giving up  from iTunes software in the process of moving files to their system from the Aple product, for verily, the qqplayer will serve as the best and easy means to carry out that process with all simplicity.

Operating 3D clip

With the spreading of 3D video techniques, there is no doubt that you are in need of  a special software to carry out the operation of that video in a special way, also the qqplayer has other advantages which is summarize as follow; the possibility of converting ordinary video of two dimension to three dimension or to request the software to operate ordinary film of two dimension by the setting of three dimension  display, and all of that can be done by tapping just one button without complexity.

Operating of translated files

QQplayer software operate easily the translation specific to a particular video, and that is by putting the translated file beside the video file and naming it with the film name, or you can select the translated file and mark it in the manual form through the software menu just as supported by many translated file shelf, among are ; (SRT, ASS, SSA) but in the case whereby you have no translated file specific to the film you want to play the software will make available for you to search for the required translated file in automated form on net which will depend on the clip name and the language you prefer for the particular film you are watching .

It is a worth mentioning that indeed qqplayer support all window products just as it possible for you to download a particular copy from it so as to operate it on your which operates window.

Notification during installation;

If you are to install the software in Arabic language , it will start with the Chinese language , you will continue with the process of installation by clicking the shaded button which is next in Chinese language , after finishing the installation of the software in Chinese language, the Arabic installation specific to the software will start immediately.

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