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Those who use internet frequently always have serious need for exceeding the supply of internet service specific to their town considering their need of wanting to enter the outlawed sites for different purposes which is not is not the pivot of our discussion, and likewise some sites that banned it users and visitors from some of it services which follows the town, like the Google company which punishes and hide some of the services like “the analysis of sites” , “the web masters” , “Google code” and others from the Arabian town like Syria and Sudan. Indeed we have wrote this introduction in other to explain to you that you can use the software of exceeding the hidden services for the following reasons but we hope that you are going to work with what is written here legally because we don’t have any authority over you so we are not responsible for any unlawful used of what is stated, our main target is to explain one free software VPN in which will make available for you not paying monthly or yearly with the same purpose from another system.

The safety page

We shall be discussing here on Psiphon software which is considered as the most important software for page safety in which guarantees the users complete protection from monitoring which could be necessary from the connection companies or during your paging on the company you work with, which can penetrate into your activities on net.

Free access:

Just as psiphon software have distinctive feature like the case of additional credibility of fastness which will granted the connection with ease by the settings which will be required from someone who needs it. Since 2008 psiphon software have assisted a lot of people who supervised their connection to the internet by attaining safety and that was confirmed through it. Just as it assisted those who lived in the arab world who subjected to the punishment of the westerners by attaining many services from the internet like the possibility of entering the official store of android and download of free links or services of sites from Google which is obscured in the arab countries like Syria and sudan just because of the punishment of Americans by using some of their companies which compelled other companies like Google and others to remain by that.

Psiphon and Wifi

By returning again to the distinctiveness of psiphone software, it present the solution of examples for those who use the general Wifi like that available in the airport and café and that has been expose to penetration or by the time you want to enter some unreliable internet site which will always required you to install some cookies files in your phone, here, the psiphon software will solve the examples by relating with the previous affairs through connecting safety with the internet.

The unreal connection

The psiphon software has certainly resolved to carry out an imitation to a certain degree tricking so as to appear to the user as though he is paging through different geographical locations from his real location and it prevent other directions from reaching the real data by his paging on the internet. The data are equivalent to unreal data so that the person on board will be far away from monitoring and observation and that will be successful by relying upon some techniques among are (VPN, SSH, HTTP) and it possible for those who have interest in technology to expand in research regarding these techniques.

Downloading of psiphon software

In summery

Verily, the psiphon software will make easy for you to reach all the types contain in the internet and guiding of your privacy. It is considered as part of safety instrument and no any confirm technique that speaks on the questionable procedure which is carried out by this software since it was release 2008 apart from other software which rendered the same services which became clearer after the passing of time that it contains some opening or what is known as unqualified background to espionage from a specific direction.

The way it operate

Psiphon company control a lot of services around the glob wherein, the user of psiphon software can get connected to it through VPN OR SSH safety, in which every user has a number of services connected to which carry out investigation as it started to operate and also psiphone software carry out the request of the users through the services and it reply through the safety connection, it transfers between the users and others and all of that will be done without filling any form or presenting of any data to the software or services he is connected to through psiphon, what is necessary on you is the downloading of the software and to operate it so that every thing could work normal and safety.

The confidence

It is mentioned that psiphon software is for free and it source is open which means the experience programmer can get the code of the software and he will be sure of which opening is more confidential and save when using the software, i.e. it will make you more secured in other unknown free software which some might contain the codes of bad software, its goal is to get your data and the site you visit frequently thereafter, they will change it direction without you knowing, it is an hidden type of software. But as regards to the operation platform and that which makes you benefit from psiphon software through it, it is available in two copies; the first one is for a private computer system which operated in window and the other one is for the smart phone which operated in android, just as it is available in more than 15 languages.

The commentary picture

By mere opening of the software file which is download, for indeed psiphon software will open instantly!

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