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Photoscape software is considered as one of the software that modifies images which was develop by the MOOII company to set in technology with its center at Korea, wherein gathered the easy and difficult software in usage, whereby it set free images the users want to shoot through digital computer including phones in a simple ,  special and beautiful manner based on the modification of colors and printing size and many other advantages we shall list out for you in this article, just as photoscape software is available on two copies; the first one operate on window and the other one on mac which is more loveable among those who have interest in the field of graphics due to it strong nature to handle the media in a general form, just as it able to face the two official languages i.e. korea and English with the addition of other different collections of languages which can be installed in a particular form.

Likewise, there are many products from photoscape software and the most recent is 3.7 in good order and quality of past product which still operate in equivalent to window 98 with additional right to use free software for all of those who used it as an individual trading or companies and in the form of trading profit.

The software advantages

We shall quickly present before you some of it advantages, among is the following for example;

Showing of the images

You can view and show the images based on it appearance in an individual format or in a slide moving form automatically in a simple and attractive manner.

To release

Photoscape software will make easy the changing of the images size and the degree of the color radiant ,it will measure the white and black, it adjust background brightness,

With the addition of framework and clarifications which can be use to explain the software, addition of text to the picture, candidacy, removal of the red spot, addition of painting with the brush, and many more devices that help in making the images the way you plan it with the use of easy devices far from complexity available in the software used in the studio.

Several release

 Its easy for you to have a collection of pictures on one image, but this only work with large collection of images whereby you want to reduce it size and use it in your account for example, this particular advantage will offer you images release software and it will reduce it size to certain extend which you can dispatch the already mark ones among the general collections, this is don at once so as to save much of your time.

The merging

You can use photoscape to merge a collection of images and place them together in a page or to reform them in one image in a beautiful manner with the possibility of serial selection vertically or horizontally based on your wish, and all of that is with a little collection by steps, subsequently, its also possible to use this collections of images in a brief video with the use of movie maker.

The moving images

You can use photoscape software to make a moving image with known extension GIF by the means of selecting different collections of images whereby the software will make it moving image in an automatic form.

The printing

That is by fulfilling different options of printing, like printing of the complete image or part of it, and that is by marking. There are other options which is more easier , it will make the printing conform with the paper you want to use for printing.

The division

That is by several options in dividing and cutting of image so as each part become an image on its own.

The shooting of screen image

You can adjust and save it to some extend based on your need, you can snap the screen in several means for example, the explanation to a specific software or snapping of the steps used in a specific service or by saving the statistic and others.

Color options

You can enlarge the image you want to handle and release, then select the requested color by clicking on the box that contains the color you want.


Some people faces the challenges of repetition of images names available with them, in which some time is arrange according to serial number which might push you to rename everything again. This will require many of your time, that is photoscape software is presenting before you the device that changes the names of images collections at ones by mere marking it based on your wish, just like using a name that is indicating the date and time you snap it in which will prevent you from repetition of names.

To convert

That is to convert images through it several types based on the extension you want to use , you might face some challenges with some particular extension of some images in some software, it might force you to convert or to change it extension so as to tally with the software or service, and it will be easy by mere clicking.

Searching through the faces

You can search for a personal image through internet by the time you know the software that deals with people faces available in images that you have selected , it will search and get the images of those people available on net automatically.