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PC Image Editor
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PC Image Editor

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Photo Editing is a free program to quickly and nicely optimize your favorite photos, as well as automatic improvements, and with many correction options, PC Image Editor has become a tool for amateur and professional photographers as well.

Of course, this tool can not replace large-scale graphics processes such as Photoshop, but you may not have to resort to many Photoshop options that may fade as a normal and intuitive user. Hence PC Image Editor puts us in a position where we can Optimize images well by doing a few clicks, yet provides extensive manual control.

Picture Editor PC Image Editor:
In the first place PC Image Editor is simple, so you will never suffer while using the program, its tools are very simple, and dealing with it is very flexible, you will not receive any suffering in the event of modification of the desired images.

After you download the PC Image Editor, the most interesting feature for editing images is to automatically optimize the image after you download the PC Image Editor, so all you have to do is upload the image and click and choose the right place for it in the menu under Adjustments Others are juxtaposed with these fun features, which are usually very good enough to make images much better than their predecessors.

Those who want to adjust the unlimited picture details that come in PC Image Editor by selecting you in the menu give away many options, giving the user many features that help him modify many details such as brightness, contrast, image size, saturation and many more that can be modified by downloading PC Image Editor on your computer, and the program features also that the effect of your edit in the image options at the same time in a small preview window and apply it only when you click the mouse if you want to try no more until there is also a field of retreat.

Also useful among the functions of PC Image Editor is the horizontal or vertical mirrors of the image and the ability to convert them clockwise or counterclockwise in 90 degree increments. In addition, the program can also print or capture new images from the scanner interface, primitive Somewhat, and so complicated you should use filters and effects.

One of the advantages of the PC Image Editor is that it stores the most common image formats. This offers many editing options, first of all, so it is quickly improving the basic image editing, as well as converting the graphic formats, but in all this we must take Keep in mind that this is a software function that is really easy to use in the application.