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This our article on this modern topic i.e. Net Framework will centers at the normal usage, the need for installation and its advantages, not on the explanation regarding its advancement and assessment for those who used this podium and devices to satisfy the advancement of their software.

Microsoft company started the advancement of Net Framework software towards ending of the year 1990, whereas, its advancement was successful under the name “The Next Generation For Window Services”. The first production of Net Framework software in the year 2000 is on its current form and it advanced within some years by several productions.

Net Framework is considered the only framework for the advancement of software, whereas the Microsoft company has presented it to support advancement and setting of the next generation for web application plus surface office software. Also this technique is advance to ease the work of the software, at the same time to isolate the common mechanisms and framework for the software plus work surrounding with several supplies and safety library with the usage of advance software with unknown sources. That is why its necessary on you to carry out it usage as usual by setting of the net frame in your account by the time you have interest of using any software which have been developed through this framework. The fact is that most of these software you want to activate in the right form from Net framework needs to be set in your account during installation in an automatic form or by putting a question before you as you want to set it in most cases the software will direct you that through settings, whereas, it will inform you it won’t function very well as you did not posses the confirm copy in your system with it indication of production number which is needed. Thus, Net framework contain wide collections of services to support the activation of applications and the betterment of performance; amongst it are:

the memory manager:

the programmer need the management supplies and editing while writing the software code at the time when the Net framework library is found through CLR service with the possibility of taking over the operating management for the availability of time for many of the programmers.

the wide range library

the wide range library in place of urgent programmers. Those who compiled the great collection regarding the instructions on how to deal with software on a low level, it makes it possible through Net framework to actualize their needs with a few   instructions.

the conformable

it is that which is actualize through the completion of what is between the software and applications which is establish by depending upon the sound of net framework and the method of operation of windows by confirming that which is between the applications and software as to what is between them. There is contemplation regarding it dependant upon self intelligible and request of the library. In spite of the fact that the software is advanced with different programming languages and it is never a rule for the Net framework to process and to operate collectively between them.

Different platform

Different platform where its possible for the programmers and advancers to expose a platform with different operations like the installations of handset phone through the satisfied libraries, whereas it allow them to expose more than one platform to operate one application without needs for repetition of disconnected application rather its possible through setting and adjustment so as to complete the exportation to many platform.


The advancement of software occurs by updating in the automation of programming periodically. Indeed, same way Net framework is advanced from the Microsoft company in continual forms for that reason every advanced and programmed software depends on one of this net framework products. It is necessary upon you to confirm the compatible and required product in a delicate form in which does not have to be necessarily the updated product from Net framework, for that reason it is necessary to mention the time for your last confirmation and it does not mean all the software you need for Net framework will work for you, rather it could needed one from the oldest product.

And in this Table are all the of Net framework products with its date of setting free for working.

(Product year)

Production   Numbers production date
Net framework 1.0 13/2/2002
Net framework 1.1 24/4/2003
Net framework 2.0 7/11/2005
Net framework 3.0 6/11/2006
Net framework 3.5 19/11/2007
Net framework 4.0 12/4/2010
Net framework 4.5 15/8/2012
Net framework 4.5.1 17/10/2013
Net framework 4.5.2


We realize from the table availability of many products, which of the product is necessary for me to confirm in my phone?

If you are among the programmers and advancers we advice you our dear readers to confirmed the last production of the Net framework, and that is because to come out with the latest addition which was introduce by Microsoft with respect to the availability of recent sequent and performance within it library which will benefit you in advancing your software in an easy and fast manner. But if you happen to be a normal reader you must look forward to the reason that makes you to reach this page-!! Whereas you search on Net framework so that one of the software will function by you confirming it by the time it requested from you the necessity for Net framework on your account. That is why you have to confirm the product you are requested to confirm first and then select it with care and do not try to confirm the latest product because it could be unbeneficial to you most at time.

A moment! We would make available to you links, you can download instantly and fastly by making available presentations specifically on distinguished software, most a time with some images for clarification and with image is the explanation on confirmation. For that reason its expected of you after the test for downloading and confirming the safety of the links, you should share the software links on the sites which can reach groups and your friends, Just as we honor your visitation next time. thanks for your support and we are sorry for taking your valuable time.

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