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Mozilla Firefox
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Mozilla FireFox

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The web browser is the interface from which you enter every day to different sites and forums, browse through what you want from pages, interact with different social networking sites, you spend time with this type of programs, and sit with him as you sit with your friends; To be a friend fit to your wishes, in accordance with your preferences, achieving your goals and goals, comfortable in his various transactions, simple in his tools.

Yes, we may disagree with each other in choosing the web browser we use daily on our web browsers, but we agree to choose the most suitable browser that fits all of our work, makes it faster and easier, and makes Web browsing fun without any problems or Complications or difficulties.

Of course, the Mozilla Firefox browser and during many years of development and modernization is now one of the strongest and best browsers on the Internet. The Firefox browser accounts for about 20% of the overall usage of the web, making it one of the most popular browsers on the Internet.

General Features
Firefox has many features that put it in high competition with the most powerful browsers, and the following are some of these features:

the speed

This feature is needed in many countries where Internet access is limited. Every person wishes not to waste time waiting to download the various web pages he wants to browse. Mozilla Firefox features a very high speed while browsing. The first place in some speed tests conducted on several competing browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera, so Mozilla Firefox provides high speed during the transition between tabs or open new tongues or use search options as well as speed while watching videos or listening to And online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

The browser also comes with a download processor equipped with the latest speed technology, which increases the speed of downloading the various programs or files from the Internet, and in this wizard a lot of options that facilitate the download process, such as pause, and open the uploaded files immediately after the completion of the download, The file is loaded, and this possibility makes you need a lot of additional download programs that you need to download files from the Internet.

Possibility of customization

Mozilla Firefox offers a wide range of options that allow the user to customize the browser in the way it suits it. Each person has different opinions, Very useful for customizing your browser and identifying things that are appropriate for its view.

Customize the theme

Firefox features a customizable look where the user can choose the browser’s backgrounds and colors within a wide range of features available, which makes the browser attractive, and in brilliant colors, giving the person comfort and a sense of morale.

Customize the design

Firefox offers customizable design where users can modify buttons, menus, extensions, and syncs to suit their needs by deleting and adding different tapes, such as the Favorites bar, toolbar, status bar, and other features that define the user interface as user- And likes to browse through it, so the possibility (customize design) of the most important possibilities in the program Mozilla Firefox.


Firefox supports a very wide range of plugins that offer greater ease and accessibility to the browser, such as the addition that incorporates some downloadable programs such as the Donald Mandger, the add-on that allows you to easily download images from different sites, and other add-ons that perform important purposes, Great during browsing.


Firefox has adopted the slogan “Trust does not buy, but acquires.” The company is already providing a wide range of options that protect user privacy and make browsing the Internet a safe and reliable process. We need such privacy that we have avoided the damage of these ugly acts, and these heinous attempts, so our Internet connection is safe, fully confidential, which does not allow intruders to learn about our own secrets.

Not tracking

For example, the browser provides the non-tracking feature through which the user controls the way data is collected and used and sent to Firefox developers; therefore, non-tracking is one of the most important features available in the browser.

Invisible browsing

The browser also offers hidden browsing, which protects user privacy during browsing sessions, by not saving or storing any history history, cookies, or passwords you use during incognito browsing.

If you do not use the hidden browsing feature, you can download and use C-Linker to protect your privacy by emptying and cleaning the cache, cookies and browser cache. The clean-up of the browser using the C-Cliner program will speed up browsing, remove the burden of these files from hard disk, Operating system, and this software is available on the Islamic Technology Network.

Light beam

Mozilla provides a lightbeam feature that allows the user to know which sites are trying to gather information about him and what data some of these sites are trying to know. This makes the user aware of the sites that exploit his privacy, or tries to get some information,