MiniTool Partition Wizard Full Free Download 2019


MiniTool is a program comes with a free comprehensive edition. MiniTool Partition Wizard is developed by MiniTool, and works only on Windows-operated machines, as it is compatible with all Windows versions. Last version released of MiniTool is 9.0 and of 30.5 mb size. It has been downloaded more than 16 million times. There are home edition, professional, technical, and enterprise editions of the program; the first one is free, but full of useful features, the other editions made to meet the needs of the other user groups.


  • The program has an elegant and friendly interface, which is garnished with beautiful icons and smart buttons giving the overall look a modern yet sporty pleasant style.
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard watches the status of the hard disk and its partitions, and provides comprehensive tools to manage, process, maintain, divide and enhance it.
  • The software includes a main menu featuring all the storage devices attached to the computer, showing system information as of used and free space, file system format, type, and status.
  • The last update of the MiniTool Partition Wizard equipped with a number of new functions such as dynamic disk operations, merging hard disk partitions, conversion, and wiping, all such updates are provided in advanced technology.
  • MiniTool users are able to format the disks, copy its contents, changing labels and scanning the surfaces plus some other handy operations.
  • The Wizard can transfer the operation system from where it is installed to another partition or disk.
  • MiniTool Wizard could speed up the work by putting a number of Wizards on work so as to copy the partitions or disks or even to recover the contents of one of the partitions or the whole disk.
  • This software allows the user to have a chance before the changes being executed, as nothing will be done before pressing “Apply” button, so as to prevent any accidental damage to stored data.
  • MiniTool enables the user to resize the disk partitions.
  • Wizard can convert the file system format between FATFAT32NTFS without need to reformat the hard disk.
  • Users can use MiniTool to delete partitions, or restore the lost or deleted partitions.
  • Compatibility with portable storage devices.


  • Doesn’t support operations systems other than Windows.
  • The user interface might be hard on the eye.
  • Some of the used terms are unexplained, though the Help included some of the terms definitions, but still there are few ones aren’t.

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