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LightShot is a specialized tool for taking photos from your computer screen easily to any area you want and the space that meets your desires and then save it on any track on your device or share with friends through other sources.

The program is very intuitive in dealing with its interfaces so it is easy to use and it is suitable for all the capabilities of users from beginners, professionals, young and old, the footage will become very light even in the editing tools.

Screen Capture Software for PC
If you want to download the screenshot software, we think that Light Shot is best suited for your needs. It is very easy to download and then installation, which will take only a few seconds, so it does not negatively affect the resources of the device.

One of the masterpieces of this simple program is that you can share your photo with your colleagues directly on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Entragram, Bintrest, your e-mail account, etc.

From LightShot software
One of the interesting tools after downloading LightShot software is that you can:

Reduce or provide the brightness of the captured image.
Draw lines, arrows and rectangles in different colors and sizes.
Color adjustments that can be made to any digital image.
Pen and Brush tools to draw a free shape with a certain color to create an educational image and the like.
You can edit with the blur tool.
Add a text note.
Highlights tool.
Other program features
The program will consume little CPU and RAM, allowing you to use it in parallel with many other programs without your computer feeling too heavy.
After downloading the screenshot software for your computer, you can make it interactive in several ways with your Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others.
Capture images from your computer screen at full speed by just two clicks.
The program is very easy so you will recognize all the advantages from the first glance for your use.
You can search for a similar image on Google by searching deep for LightShot.
Supports many different platforms like Windows, Vista, Mac and others.
Edit photos online.
LightShot snapshots are saved in BMP, JPEG or PNG format for easy sharing on social networking sites such as Google Plus.
The program in its editing tools is considered a miniature image of Photoshop.
Low volume.
The developer company provides additional tools for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to take pictures while browsing.
Add captions quickly and easily.
Export to Dropbox and Google Drive.
Show behind the captured image (length and width).
While capturing the image on the computer, the program darkens the surrounding area of ​​the image area to make it clear.
Add text dialog boxes to use for appropriate purposes.
The program is in periodic updating and offers its advantages on a continuous basis to its customers without any economic costs.