Krita is one of the best free and open source image editing and processing software. It is a powerful alternative to Photoshop. It offers many popular features that enable full-scale image editing and manipulation. It is aimed at users at all levels of knowledge in Design and image processing and editing.

The Krita program is not new but has been developed for a long time as it was initially directed to Linux operating systems. It went through long periods of stagnation until the community of the program was revitalized and developed further. It is now available for Windows operating systems The Krita program culminated in 2009 where the great support by a large number of interested in this field.

In today’s talk about the Krita program we will discuss the features and characteristics that it offers to its users, which will be seen through the knowledge that it is already a suitable and free alternative to any other program in the processing and editing of images as well as graphic design.

Here are some of the advantages of Creta:

Krita is an open-source program that makes it completely free and ensures that it is free in the future by allowing all those interested in developing such programs to offer more add-ons and benefits to this program, and as a user you will be the first beneficiary by A free program that saves you from purchasing any version of expensive image processing and editing software.

user interface
It is important to use the image processing and editing software to make the user interface convenient and easy to handle through the ability to access all the tools needed to work very quickly, through the availability of various toolbars and organization of the workspace, which is provided by the program Krita exactly for users.

Multiple brush
The Brush Tool is one of the main tools in any image editing and processing program. With Krita, the brush tool is provided distinctively by providing many subsequent options so that you can modify the brush shape or choose one of the many available models. You can make the brush settings and then save them for later use with other images.

Select the catcher
Selection tools and tools The Krita software includes several selection tools that help you define the desired part with precision and you can implement the multiple disc options provided by the program.

Parity tools
One of the beautiful things you can do with Krita is to draw analogue shapes like old and ancient Islamic drawings and decorations that you find on walls and doors in mosques or palaces.

Filters and effects
Krita includes many filters and effects that are indispensable in any image editing and processing program, and through the large set of filters and effects you can do many operations on images to get what you want to implement accurately.

Layers and color management
You can create multiple layers of images you process to get separate effects for each layer independently. Krita also provides a variety of color schemes that you can use to work with or work for you.


As for the negative, we can note:

As we searched for add-ons and filters that could be added to the program, we did not find any of them. The reason may be that there is no need for such add-ons. Anyone who wants to program a new add-on or effect can program it through the same program, where programmers can modify, Krita is fully open source.

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