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Kelk is a unique program that offers advanced features for writing Arabic fonts similar to handwriting.

Arabic calligraphy program

Arabic is one of the most diverse languages ​​in the world. It can be used to write many different decorations, which have acquired and multiplied the plastic arts due to the great spread of the Arabic language at the time of the Islamic conquests, when it reached large parts of the world and everywhere, A new way of drawing characters is in line with the general cultural character of Persia, Andalusia and others.

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In addition to the other Arabic fonts known pre-Islamic, which was spread in the Arabian Peninsula in particular as a result of the spread of poets to give poems poetic form when they were attached to the markets of Okaz, where the subject from lines to the degree of drawing words through these lines in distinctive forms.

As technology enters our modern world, new types of fonts have emerged or have been modified to take on new forms and labels that correspond to this evolution of technology, with the proliferation of programs that help to create or modify them.

As for the drawing through the Arabic words using different lines, the name of the Kelk program emerges, which provides a suitable model for what we are talking about. It offers the possibility of creating drawings through Arabic fonts to be in the form of beautiful drawings similar to what calligraphers used in the past.

Download Kelk for Windows

The kelk program is programmed for various Windows operating platforms, including Windows 7 and Windows 10. You may experience some problems while running and its solutions are easy, but the program is fully compatible with Windows.

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