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The elegant main window of Kaspersky displays the security indication and a link to more details, plus four large panels that allow you to choose the options of quick scan, or find updates, or even review reports and activate the virtual keyboards.

Program Features

These are the advantages of the program Kaspersky:

Easy Settings
  • You can setup and utilize Kaspersky even if you are a beginner, and without any changes in the system configuration. Kaspersky makes the best decisions for you automatically when detecting any of the malwares and without your intervention. From the Settings Tab you can specify the security features that you like to apply, through ticking the options, or digging for more information and the only item you might want to check is the System Watcher. This feature based on tracing the system activities when it possible. Revoking any actions that were made by the malware through couple of special keys which are CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F4). Kasper works hard to avoid negative impact on the system. On the performance settings tab you might see that Kaspersky is postponing any scheduled tasks for checking and scanning the system when it runs on battery power. Kaspersky also doesn’t interrupt you when you work or play on full-screen mode. Resources are limited during system booting so as to reduce the slowness of the booting process. If those automatically set optimizing options don’t fit you, you can easily and simply uncheck them but it is always better if you could grasp an idea about what is going on with your favorite program.
High Ratings:
  • Most of the testing labs specialized in antivirus consider Kaspersky when conducting in tests on products that are covered by their work scope. Kasper was scoring high marks universally, having 100% in almost 10 out of 12 tests this year. Those tests have covered many sides of the usability and effectiveness of antivirus programs available. Kaspersky has also excellently passed many of the hand-on tests designed and executed by many users and independent concerned bodies.
Internet Security:
  • Malware URLs were blocked for a certain degree, may be a little less than AVAST performance, but Kaspersky has achieved a true success in the field of fighting and detecting phishing sites on the internet. Phishing sites always don’t live more than few days or hours or until it is added to the phishing websites lists and as soon as that happen it disappear for good. The phishing detector needs to look for phishing signs in the website content. Kaspersky has proved its effectiveness in this area, beating Norton and anti-phishing tools in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
Additional Tools:
  • Doubtlessly, Kaspersky developers are focusing on the basic functions of virus protection and fighting, but Kaspersky also provides a set of additional tools with different purposes that proved usability, such as the tool for checking system vulnerabilities and fixing performance errors in the system and installed programs, configuration correction tools, and browser configuration scanning tool, that can fix automatically all detected errors to tighten the security settings and correct them. Privacy cleaner attached to Kaspersky also provide help with searching for and eliminating the traces from your computer and browsing history that made by the malwares when overlooked by the antivirus or overtook the system, or when trying to clean your system before you install a good protection program, then certainly it is the time for using the Kaspersky Bootable Rescue Disk, of course you need to create it before you system crashes! Do not forget to choose the option of Cloud Protection which will hand you over a statistical report about the Kaspersky Security Network which is a universal database include all the information about the safe and malware programs and websites on the internet.

So Kaspersky deservingly comes on the top of the rival programs, for all what is mentioned above beside its great ability to detect and block phishing websites, its easy settings, quick installation, virtual keyboard that protect the users private information and data entry processes, and rolling back all traces of malware and viruses. Plus the additional cool tools that aim to clean the system and optimize its performance. In spite its few downs the program Kaspersky still the first in terms of usability and downloads times that exceeded 200 million this year.

For Android

There is a special version of Android system

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