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Download Of Java Software

We shall be discussing on one of the necessary software which no computer can do without even if we don’t use it directly because it function in an hidden form without you knowing like the case of Net Framework, behold it is Java software.

Java is a programmed language and platform produced  in it first time by Sun Microsystem company in the year 1995 to serve as an additional operating system to many sites and software which can not function in the absent of Java software.

Why Java ?

Because it serve as an additional production to the computer system.

It operate most online games and links

It operate the links on the pages without installation

It make possible to relate with others by chatting online.

It also make possible to operate some audios or videos directly on page

And lastly it makes possible presentation of 3D pictures in the modern pages like Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox.


May be some of you might have heard of a software with the name Java, but there is different between this and that, the java in which we are discussing about here is an additional help to operate some software, links and games i.e. (Java Runtime Environment JRE) and the other centers on the program language which the programmers use to build their software and some time the site and games and it needs a course to master it!

This is an additional operating system with windows, Mac and Links.

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