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Internet Explorer 2019 is one of the most popular browsers in the world, ranking third behind Google Chrome and Firefox, according to statistics released in October 2018. It is part of Microsoft’s software series, which first appeared in 1995 as a core program Attached with Windows 95 version.

The development of the browser by Microsoft so far, which gave him full compatibility with all versions of the Windows operating system, which helped to spread significantly, the Internet Explorer reached the peak of its global reach in 2002 and 2003, where he achieved 95% of the share Use of Internet browsers globally.

And then began gradually to decline under the pressure of competition with the new emerging browsers, which spread in that period and then faced the biggest block in its history in 2009 when the European Union Commission imposed on Microsoft not to attach the Internet Explorer implicitly with copies of the Windows operating system of the countries of the Union Europe, where it was considered a kind of monopoly rejected according to the policies of the Union, which made Internet Explorer lose a large volume of European markets as a result of that decision.


Internet Explorer offers many of the features we offer you in the following paragraphs:

Ease of browsing

It allows the user to open more than one window at the same time to move between more than one Internet site quickly and easily, and you can through the home page to install shortcuts to sites important for you to display them in the form of small boxes containing a thumbnail of each site for easy access To those sites.

The latest versions of this program focus the lighting on the original URL while shading the remaining characters of the link you are browsing. This makes it easier for you to quickly and easily identify the location of your current page and prevent phishing by creating fake, Known for spyware and password theft by using a domain address similar to a popular site, which distracts the user if the link is long and through this feature will focus only on the primary URL.

Create site shortcuts

You can also create a shortcut to your favorite Web site by clicking on the page you want to create a right-click shortcut and selecting “Create Shortcut”, then go to the desktop To find that Internet Explorer has created a shortcut called the page title where you can quickly access it when needed.

Speed ​​and performance

Despite the many criticisms that have plagued Internet Explorer through this point, but in its latest versions proved its worth and competitiveness in addition to the results of the positive in terms of speed and efficiency in performance, especially when dealing with graphics and high-definition video in addition to display the colors of the reality of those graphics .


Internet Explorer is the most compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system as a result of their dependence on the same company that is developing them, and all the Internet options that you can beat through the control panel of the Windows operating system is applied directly to Internet Explorer program automatically .

Safety and reliability

Internet Explorer is a safe and reliable feature, where a third-party program is not fully integrated with the Windows operating system so the protection process is integrated. You can also activate many security options through the Windows Control Panel, which will be applied directly On Internet Explorer, with multiple options for both beginners and advanced options where you can select everything at high resolution.

In fact, despite the fact that Internet Explorer has been released for many years as the preferred browser for users, in the light of the strong popularity of both Google Chrome and Firefox users, some experts believe that this browser is heading towards the end of its brilliant star unless Microsoft takes action to restore it to brightness again.

Indeed, the latest news from Microsoft indicates that it will launch a new version of Internet Explorer in a completely new way, which will be called “Spartan”, which will be launched in parallel with the version of Windows 10 operating system, which is expected to be the new browser included with it.

The browser has been developed independently of Internet Explorer in a way that enables it to continue and compete against fierce competition with other browsers, as well as to provide multiple copies of it works on the operating systems of both personal computers and mobile phones not provided by Internet Explorer