Internet Download manager

Internet Download manager

20 October، 2017
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Internet Download manager free download for windows 7,8

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Some internet users who download files on the internet almost need a program that manages files download process for many reasons. One of such is the plenty of the downloaded files requiring a program that manages them. Also in case of downloading large – size files, internet outages might suddenly take place before download process completion and you are compelled to restore the download process and waste much time. So you need a program that enhances “Resuming” your download process if stopped for any reason, or if you want to hang it up and resume it later on.

Some also need to download videos from sites like YouTube to watch them later on, or to transfer them from one place to another. So you will need a program that can perform all these tasks.

We previously viewed similar program for downloading YouTube videos , i.e. Free YouTube Downloader

To meet all these aims, we present to you the Internet Download manager (IDM) that meets all the previous points in addition to other wealth of advantages that make this program the most desired.

You can read this article to realize why you should choose (IDM) in particular to manage your download process.

Here is a list of program’s pros and cons:


IDM is compatible with all popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the like. IDM can support these browsers through being added to them.

Fast download:

Seamless downloading on one click. Through its compatibility with the well-known browsers, you can instantly start the download process through the download button that appears before you . IDM instantly accesses to the requested link.

Videos download

If you need to download a video from YouTube or any other web site, IDM Download Button will appear before you on top of the video, through which you can directly download it plus choosing the accuracy you want for the video.

Files scan:

IDM enhances virus protection on download completion through alerting the scan program of presence of a new file that needs to be directly scanned. So you will be secured against files that might threaten your PC.

Check Baidu Antivirus .

Drag and Drop:

If you have links related to files that you want to download, you can seamlessly drag the link using the mouse cursor and drop it into the program’s panel, which in turn adds it automatically to the download list, and instantly starts the download process

Web settings :

Through using IDM settings, you can configure the web settings using various options like connection via proxy and so on.

Download all :

Download all pages links for instance, if you have a page contains dozens of download links, you can download them all using IDM. Choose “Download all”, instead of downloading one link at a time.

Variety of languages:

IDM supports dozens of world’s languages that appear on IDM interface, including Arabic. This allows you to choose the dialect you want during the Set up process or from options button if set up is already done.

Files categorizing

IDM automatically creates new folder to the downloaded files. It also creates sub folders, in which IDM categorizes the downloaded files: like video file, compressed file ..etc.

Download acceleration

One of the best advantages of IDM is acceleration.

IDM allows you to select the highest speed acceleration to allow other web users to use the internet without “Net jam”

Download resumption:

If file download process stops due to sudden connection outages, you can resume your download process as soon as IDM reconnects with internet to avoid wasting of time. You can hang out the download process by hand and resume it when needed.

Tasks scheduling

You can schedule the downloaded processes. IDM starts the downloading task at the set time and when it’s done, IDM automatically starts the following task. You can also ask IDM to shut down your PC after the processes are done if you want to download your files later to take a rest and leave IDM to manage all download processes and automatically shut down your PC.

Easy set up

IDM set up does not require previous experience. It also automatically integrates into your web browsers without effort, through the program’s set up manager.

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